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Care and use of the equipment: 

The equipment listed below is the property of Big Biz Box, (BBB), Wilson NC. You are asked to protect this property from damage and misuse. Only authorized representatives from Big Biz Box  can remove this property from your premises unless given permission from our main office in Wilson NC. The property is not to be used for any purpose other than digital signage network participation in the assigned subscription program. The sign should be turned on and left running during all regular business hours. 


Your digital sign hardware, software, network and installation are proprietary to BBB and must be used only for network participation. As long as your business remains a member of the business organization associated with your network or, enrolled in a local network created by BBB, no deposit will be required. Dismissal from or cancellation of membership in the associated network organization may result in digital sign removal from your business location. 

Minimum Contract:

I agree to host the TVadClub subscription agreement for a minimum of one year. If my business fails to complete the annual agreement I understand I will lose any pre-paid monies, and may be charged a minimum $100 removal fee by BBB. I agree to maintain my business membership in the business organization associated with this digital sign network, and to inform Big Biz B0x, LLC of any changes in my membership status. 

Limitation of liability for installation and use of in-store digital sign

NOTE: Big Biz Box LLC is not responsible for damage to anything in TV installation site, including behind walls or in the surrounding installation area.


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