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Chamber of Commerce 

Strategic Partnership Program




TVadClub offers a powerful media program using in-store digital signage that provides major benefits for a local Chamber of Commerce:

1. TVadClub works with you to create a NEW MEDIA network that promotes the work of the chamber throughout the local community.

2. Custom Digital Signs in businesses allow your members to up-sell products, promote services and events, gain advertising via the network of signs,

and Make. More. Money! 

3. Participating businesses enhance their membership, raise awareness of the work of the local chamber, and grow the local business community, all under YOUR Chamber of Commerce brand.


Mission- "We help Chambers of Commerce raise immediate community awareness through increased marketing and branding; We provide significant member benefits through our Digital Sign Program; and we help raise Chamber revenues without adding to the workload of staff, volunteers or board members." Michael McHarg, Owner, TVadClub


Your chamber of commerce will create a TVadClub network comprised of members who host a digital sign, and members who subscribe for advertising on the Chamber's new network. TVadClub will offer the host businesses content creation and management services, unlimited graphic design, as well as access to features designed to attract customers. Plus, each host business will receive an ad displayed on all of the other screens in the Chamber's new network as part of the advertising program. Other members are offered ads to be displayed on all screens on the network.


Chamber Organization-Branded Signs in Your Neighborhood


TVadClub will work with your organization to promote your members, your activities and programs via a new, Chamber-Branded digital sign network. The organization can receive a portion of the annual advertising revenue as part of a marketing and promotion agreement, and will be able to advertise and promote organization activities and information via the network.


*IF A CHAMBER WANTS A CUSTOM PLAN, we'll work with you to help you purchase the use of the TVadClub program and offer it to members as a member benefit. 


You can provide great exposure for your members,

make money, and advertise your organization,

all at the same time!

How It Works


Your Chamber is encouraged to promote EXCLUSIVE TVadClub Subscriptions for your Chamber members. Once enough Chamber members pay for the first month's subscription, TVadClub will work with your Chamber to Launch Your Network!

There is NO COST

to Your Chamber

to initiate this program.

Benefits for Your Chamber


1. Exposure: Your branded signs in local businesses offers you a unique media opportunity. Share your message. Gain followers on social media and other outlets. Promote your events, highlight new members, increase retention and community support.

All-day, Every-day.


2. Income: Work with TVadClub to create a Strategic Partnership between TVadClub and your Chamber of Commerce, which can include revenue sharing for the TVadClub Sign Network Program.

*Member Participation Levels must be maintained to receive annual revenue

All billing, servicing and technical support are maintained by Big Biz Box, LLC, (TVadClub) and are performed as a service to the Sponsoring Organization and your members.


3. In-House Digital Signage for your Chamber of Commerce


TVadClub will provide a sign for your Chamber of Commerce offices, or other preferred location, to promote the Chamber and encourage subscription participation in the Program. Content management, Program implementation, graphic design, images and maintenance of a digital signage for a participating Chamber of Commerce office is included. Available features and technical specifications such as screen size, networking, hosting, layout, hardware, software, casing, online access, installation and updating may be negotiated. 


4. Materials to Promote Participation are Included

Chamber-branded fliers, newsletter emails and links on the Chamber website and TVadClub website will promote the program. Sign-up links will be made available on the TVadClub website, the Chamber website, and hard copies should be available at Your Chamber offices.


5. Implementation: A representative of TVadClub will be made available for member consultation at the Chamber’s request. Enrollment meetings, promotional events, after-hours or other activities may be utilized in order to share the program with potential member participants and sell available spaces.

6. Of course.... TVadClub will join Your Chamber upon Launch of Your Network!


“It’s very simple - those deploying digital signage in their business are doing so for one of two reasons: they either want to make money or save money.

Today’s digital signage networks are streamlined for a purpose: to make or save the user as much money as possible. With so many options and applications, there isn’t just one way to produce revenue or cut costs with this medium. The uses for these products are approaching the ‘unlimited’ threshold.”

– Bill Yackey, Digital Signage Today




For the member businesses:

  1. High-impact exposure advertising.

  2. Low-cost.

  3. Exclusive messaging to current and new clients, local news and information, seasonal opportunities and more.

  4. Make. More. Money!

For the Chamber of Commerce:

1.  High-impact exposure and community promotion for the organization.

2.  Significant recurring income.

3. Retain and grow membership.

4. Make. More. Money!


"Like Netflix for my business!

What I want on my screen, when I need it...

It's Always On!"

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