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How TVadClub Works



The Sutton's Story


"Great food and a friendly atmosphere" is how Sutton's was described to us when they called. But as I stepped foot into this Chapel Hill NC legendary grill it became clear that my friend's description was underselling the place.

The grill at Sutton's offers a great variety of food, including burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and wraps that stand alone, but it's the atmosphere that clinches the deal. Walls covered with photos of multiple-generations of Tar Heel legends and fans enjoying a great meal overwhelm your eyes. Stacked deep and high, these photos, some faded with time, share a story of longevity, service, and family. When Michael Jordan proclaimed "The ceiling is the roof," the Smith center cheered, and the crowd in Sutton's surely echoed the sentiment. And the photo of this moment is now enshrined in Sutton's. This is a Tar Heel establishment through and through.


So when they approached Big Fish Digital Signs with a unique problem, we knew right away we'd have to step up to the challenge with a powerful solution. The answer became the genesis that created the TVadClub.


We did two things that Don, the owner of Sutton's, needed us to do:

First, since photos of patrons are on every wall, even hanging from the ceiling, they were running out of room for new guests to post selfies to commemorate their visit to Sutton's.


Our Solution? A feature of TVadClub that allows shop owners to post Tweets on their digital signs! Now, as a guest snaps a photo and posts it to Twitter, it can be forwarded to @Suttons_Drug and reposted for immediate viewing!

Second, Sutton's needed to promote more in-store items to increase revenue from existing customers. They also wanted to introduce their expansion into two new locations..


Our Solution? TVadClub's power to promote high-profit items inside their business, and expand their brand by placing local advertising on member screens throughout their community.


Talk about a one-two punch! "TVadClub delivered what we needed and they continue to exceed our expectations. We highly recommend their service!" - Don P. owner of Sutton's Drug, Chapel Hill NC


Now Sutton's shares their best message in their dining area, PLUS throughout Chapel Hill!


Contact us today to find solutions for your business. We can't wait to serve you!

- Michael McHarg, Owner & Founder of Big Fish Digital Signs | TVadClub




TrilbyTV is the machine that drives our TVadClub screens. We chose TrilbyTV because they are the #1 Digital Signage Solution made for Education.


Founders Ben and Neil were Apple & Google Trainers working with around 2,000 schools and colleges for over 10 years. During this time, they constantly saw screens in reception areas turned off or showing content that had no connection to the school or its students. Many of the signage platforms being used were not fit for purpose, typically being commercially driven products designed for multiple chain restaurants or large scale retail deployments. These systems were over-complicated and took too long to upload content. Schools weren’t getting what they needed and were paying for signage products that weren’t working for them. Ben and Neil saw an opportunity to build something more relevant, easy to use, that schools would love.


But its not just education where dead screens are a problem. We’ve all been in a waiting room with a dead TV, or with a TV displaying a talk show without volume, or with a TV that plays a DVD on a loop with the same content on all day long. These screens have  no impact for a business or those people watching them.


TVadClub understands this problem perfectly and have experienced the numerous over complicated digital signage products that are available. By partnering with TrilbyTV we knew we could offer our customers the perfect solution for advertising their business simply and effectively.


From those early days of creating a platform perfect for education TrilbyTV is now powering screens for global companies such as Yamaha Music.


Just goes to show if you make a solution simple then you make it effective. 

TVadClub is proud to use the TrilbyTV app for all of our new clients!


Turn it on and Make. More. Money!

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